Tong, the first print&play game of Bruno Cathala, wonderfully illustrated by Camille Chaussy, has been adapted in a digital version.

Adaptation of Tong was a real challenge and can be seen as game jam exercice:

  • Bruno releases the print&play version on Monday September the 21th
  • Bruno was contacted the next day to propose a digital adaptation. It becomes obvious that the adaptation should be done very quickly to be ready before Essen
  • On Thursday the 24th, the project was started by first working on available graphics and design the first Splash screen
  • On Monday the 28th, a first version was done and submitted to Bruno for feedback (on iPad)
  • During the week, slightly adaptations were done, a new time challenge mode appeared and new illustrations were provided by Camille
  • On Friday the 2nd, a very restricted beta tests is launch on Android devices to ensure that the game adapt correctly to the different form factor of heterogeneous devices
  • Finally on October the 5th, the first Android version was released so everyone can play the game while traveling to Essen

You can try and become addict to Tong by grabbing it on the PlayStore


iOS version has been submitted for review and will soon be available